About Us _


Our personnel, have been providing maintenance services and equipment within the Telecoms industry in excess of 30 years.  We have worked in the majority of acute hospitals and NHS trusts in the UK along with most major health centres installing and maintaining patient information points. 

From 2012 to 2015 we provided wireless broadband services through rural areas of Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, part of the Connecting Cambridgeshire initiative, Broadband Delivery UK.

Having maintained patient payphones in secure psychiatric hospitals and secure accommodation, both in the public and private sector since 1993 we realised the need to provide phones with more up to date technology and safety features.

In 2009 we started testing a new design of payphone for use by patients, with VoIP technology and anti-ligature handsets.  The shortened, armoured handset cables were specifically designed to stop patients causing self-harm. The trials of the payphone were successful and the service rolled out in 2010, the first VoIP card payphones in the UK.


We continuously look to improve the safety of our equipment and have now re-engineered former payphones with handsets into free-phone devices, operating hands free, negating any issues of self harm caused by handset cables.

We provide installation and maintenance services to organisations such as Baby TV for their unique Audio Visual information channel reaching mums-to-be in over 140 hospital ante-natal waiting rooms, throughout England and Wales.


We provide Apps for the tourism sector and hospitals, allowing for them to reduce their reliance on printed brochures and pamphlets.